Dance Styles



Students study grade work from the B.B.O (British Ballet Organisation) syllabus and regularly participate in exams and a National Dance Week. Students are recommended to attend ballet classes to develop technique, strength and flexibility that will assist their future in all genres of dance.


Beat Babies

Beat Babies is an introduction to dance for children aged 3-5 years old. It combines different styles of dance including jazz, modern, tap and ballet. Beat Babies is a structured class that provides the fundamental movements of all dance genres, develops gross motor skills and students creativity.



American Style cheerleading is very popular with students of all ages. Cheerleading is the triathlon of dancing combining stunts, tumbling, jumps and dance into one routine.
Cheerleaders learn under the guidelines of the AASCF (Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation) and have the opportunity to compete at numerous competitions locally and nationally. We currently have 7 different teams that compete and train at competition level & recreational levels across 5 different age groups.
Cheerleading is offered to students 5 years old and above and all classes include major focus on stunting and tumbling as well as general body conditioning necessary to safely complete skills. We have specialised tumbling coach as well as fully qualified cheer coaches within all classes ensuring that cheerleaders are learning age & level appropriate skills.



Contemporary dance is taught within with classical ballet classes as it requires many classical techniques and skills as well as flexibility and control to enable students to correctly perform contemporary movements. Modern contemporary studies a variety of styles from Neo Classical, lyrical to African Contemporary.
2013 saw the introduction of Contemporary Performance Groups* where students have the opportunity to compete and perform within the skill.
*Performance Groups are by audition only


Hip Hop

With hip-hop taking the world by storm, it is exciting for our young dancers to keep up with the dynamic styles and spirit of funk and street dance. Hip hop students learn many aspects of hip hop dancing from 'crumping' and 'popping' to 'break' and other tricks. Hip hop is a fun, high energy class that provides students with all the latest hip hop moves.

 A specialised boys class is offered to accommodate the different strengths of boys and girls.

 Hip hop classes are offered to students 9 years and older.



 Jazz is our most popular dance class. Jazz students learn a variety of styles within their classes including; Funk, Cabaret, and traditional jazz techniques.
Jazz classes at Attitude Dance Centre have a focus on good jazz technique which includes strength and flexibility of the whole body including the core. A great class to develop flexibility and fitness while having fun to all the latest music. This class is offered for students of school age at recreational and competitive levels.


Performance Groups

 Performance Groups are offered to students who show exceptional ability in jazz, tap or contemporary. These students participate in local dance performances and dance eisteddfods and competitions around Newcastle, Sydney and the and even nationally. Students in performance groups must have a love and commitment for dance as they are required to attend multiple lessons per week to ensure high levels of technique and performance.
Performance groups are offered to students through an audition process which is held at the beginning of every year. As part of accepting a position within our performance groups, students must commit to all performances and competitions as scheduled; multiple classes per week and the costs involved in entering such performances. Students are also expected to practice at home multiple times each week.



Rhythmic beats of tap dancing is well known from Fred Astaire to the more current “Tap Dogs”. Students study and undergo yearly examinations with the L.G.T.D.A (Les Griffith Tap Dancing Association) Syllabus, dancing to traditional and upbeat ‘Street Tap’ style.
2013 saw the introduction of a Tap Performance Group and as of 2014 we are hoping to introduce more performance groups.
Students who complete their tap exams also have the opportunity to gain their Teaching Certificate through LGTDA.